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Iranian Association of Clinical Laboratory Doctors

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پژوهش های علوم آزمایشگاهی: بیوشیمی بالینی

شرح فایل اندازه فایل تاریخ فایل

Newborn Reference Interval for Nt-Pro-Bnp.pdf

Prof. M. Aytekin(Turkey)

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Evaluatıon of the Analytıcal Methods in the Laboratory Medicıne.pdf

Dr. D. Yucel (Turkey)

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Comparison and Evaluation Eleven Formulas for Calculating LDL-C - Are The Results of Calculating LDL-C Valid Clinically.pdf

Dr. R. Mohammadi

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Evaluation of micro RNA-326 in platelet concentrate during storage.pdf

Ms. M. Norouzi

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Human complement receptor 1 polymorphism and its role in protection against Visceral Leishmaniasis.pdf

Dr. S. Hayati

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Plasma level of miR-141 and its correlation with obesity, insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.pdf

Dr. M. Nourbakhsh

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Performance Evaluation of particle enhanced immunoturbidometric method for Ferritin reagent.pdf

Mr. J. Goodarzi

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Expression pattern of long non-coding RNAs in schizophrenic patients.pdf

Dr. M. R. Safari

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Long non-coding RNA HCG27_201 expression in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in an Iranian cohort.pdf

Ms. L. Saeedi

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