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Iranian Association of Clinical Laboratory Doctors

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پژوهش های علوم آزمایشگاهی 3 (بیوشیمی، سرولوژی و ایمونولوژی)

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The effect of grape (Askari) juice on plasma lipid profile in male rats.pdf

Dr. M. R. Afzalzadeh

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The Comparison of Plasma Homocysteine and C-Reactive Protein Levels in gestational diabetic patients and non-diabetic subjects.pdf

Dr. M .R .Safari

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Reference Values for Serum Zinc Concentration and Prevalence of Zinc Deficiency in Iranian Adult Subjects.pdf

Dr. A. Ghasemi

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Evaluation of Lipid profile in Different Anemic Patients.pdf

Dr. S. Shams

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Concepts of Biosafty in Clinical Labs.pdf

Mr. Owais Yaqub

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Comparison of Serum Leptin Level in Pregnant Women with Preeclampsia and That of Those with Normal Blood Pressure.pdf

Dr. H. R. Amirmoghaddami

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Association Between Markers of Systemic Inflammation, Oxidative.pdf

Dr. Z. Asemi

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A New Law For Clinical Laboratories Risk Management.pdf

Dr. A. Malekpour

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A Comparison between Diagnostic Value of CA 15-3 Tumor Marker of Serum and of Pleural Fluid Using pleural Fluid Cytology in Malignancy Diagnosis.pdf

Dr. H. Ehteram

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